General Questions
Q If you could provide complete solution for bubble tea shops?
A You could discuss with us about your plans and thoughts, and then we will give you comments and suggestions. There is no overall solution for now.
Q If you have a minimum order quantity(MOQ)?
A Most items are with no MOQ, only for certain items.
Q Can you do export to China or Overseas ?
A Yes. We are expanding oversea business.
Q Do you accept credit card ?
A No, you could use Paypal instead.
Q How much cost would you estimate for a single bubble tea shop?
A About US$10000 including basic machines, materials for 3 months (other delivery fees excluded)
Q Can bubble tea serve hot ?
A Yes, there are hot drinks as black tea, ginger, chocolate and coffee.
Q Are there any brands I could check out ?
A You could review the part of our distributors.
Q Is there a place where we could meet in person?
A Yes, you could visit our office in Taipei, Taiwan.

Order related

Q Can I get to your place and take goods directly?
A Yes, as long as there is stock, you could pick it up and pay in cash.
Q How long would it be after placing the order?
A It would be about 2 weeks after payment, depends on our capacity of factory.
Q What payment methods do you take ?
A Cash, Bank Wire, Paypal, LC, Western union
Q Can I resell your products to others ?
A As long as you don’t sell them under our brand, yes.
Q I know nothing about logistics, if you could send to my door ?
A Yes, we can arrange to door delivery, or you could find local importer to assist.

Sample related

Q Do I have to pay for samples?
A Regularly no, you should only bear the shipping cost.
Q How do I pick sample?
A If you have no idea, you could take our recommendation sample kit.
Q How much quantity will I get in a sample ?
A Juice 150cc, Powder 60g, Pearl 350g, Boba 80g, Tea leaves 60, if you wanted more, just ask.
Q How are samples delivered?
A Default way to be EMS, and DHL, FedEx are optional.
Q How do I pay the sample delivery cost ?
A Paypal is recommended.
Q How long will you send out the samples ?
A After payment, three days.

Food related

Q Should I use syrup or powder to make drinks ?
A Syrup is recommended, using syrup to make drinks could make them with the scent of fruits, and without a creamy taste in your mouth, it’s clean and refreshing. Thus some flavors do not come in powder, you could choose powder instead.
Q How do I store the syrup ?
A Keep in room temperature, only to avoid contact with air, some flavors such as ginger and watermelon are with a tendency to ferment, you could take them out of the bottles.
Q How do I store the powder?
A Those bags which are not about to be used, just keep them in closets, those are in use and opened, please use a jar with seal to prevent the moist.
Q How do I store the boba?
A Unopened cans, keep in room temperature, and away from sunlight ; opened ones, please refrigerate.
Q There is a flavor I want but not listed, what do I do?
A We could customize for you, please check the customization page
Q How many cups could it make with a 2.5KG syrup ?
A Estimate 40-50 cups of 500cc, to adjust with your taste for sweetness.
Q How many cups could it make with a 1KG powder?
A Estimate 25 cups of 500cc
Q Are there dairy inside the milk powder series?
A Yes to most of them, if you’re allergic or can’t import, please take extra care.
Q How many cups could it make with 1.2KG bag of tea leaves?
A Estimate 120 cups of 500cc
Q How many grams are there in a scoop of your powder spoon?
A Around 9-11g
Q Do I have to use Tea to make Bubble Tea ?
A Not necessary, mostly of them are with tea yes, you could make them with milk or pure juice as well.
Q How do I cook the pearls ?
A Cook 15 mins and stew for 40 mins.
Q Could it be any faster ?
A There is microwave tapioca pearl to use, only it has to be freezed during delivery.
Q One bag of pearl is opened, but how do I do if I can’t use it all ?
A You could use a plastic cup to contain it and seal with film, only to use them within a week to avoid humidity.
Q After cooked a batch of pearl, and they’re not to be served shortly, how do I do?
A You could put them a stainless container with lid, stir once in a while and consume in 4 to 8 hours at most.
Q Can I use a gas stove to cook pearl ?
A Yes, only to control the heat properly.
Q What’s the difference between colorful pearls and regular pearl ?
A Only the colors, other traits are the same._
Q Can I eat pearl directly.
A No.
Q How long can I store the pearls after cook?
A 4 – 8 hours, not to serve overnight.
Q What’s the difference between pearl and boba ?
A They are toppings for bubble tea, the taste and chewiness are quite different. Pearls are made by starch, black-colored, and require cooking before serving, the main trandition of bubble tea is to have pearls, very popular among Chinese people. Boba is a coated juice with sea weed made coating, once bitten, the juice will burst inside your mouth, with colorful appearances, no need to cook, besides the drinks, they are also good for frozen yogurt, snow ice and desserts.
Q Can a vegan have popping boba or Pearl ?
A Yes to both.
Q How do I keep the boba atop the drink as pictures ?
A Use the ice cubes to make it float.
Q There is a flavor I want for boba but not included in the site?
A You could talk to us and customize for you.
Q How do I know which one to use, Boba or Pearl?
A Why don’t you have both ?

Equipment related

Q I would like to have my logo on cups and films, can you do it for me?
A Yes, cups, films, straw wrappings, labels, cartons, we could provide you the customized ones.
Q What is the MOQ for logo-printed cups and films?
A Cups : 30000 pcs ; Films : 80 rolls
Q Can the plastic cups hold hot drinks ?
A It can withstand heat until 60’c, but containing hot drink will make the cup too hot for hand holding, we recommend you to use paper cups with a cup holder for safety issues.
Q Can I use my own cups ?
A Yes, only to mind the diameter must be compatible.
Q What to do if the machines have malfunctions?
A We could assist you to send back to factory for repair, or to provide fixing parts and consultancy for you to fix yourself. Only our company are responsible for technical support, if the repair of machines generate any cost, you should be responsible for it.
Q What machines are necessary?
A Mostly the sealing machine, it will require this machine to seal the cups with films. Other machines are optional, you could discuss further with us to know if you will need them.
Q I would like to have my logo printed on the machines, is it possible?
A Yes, some models also have regular prints, you could check with us for details.
Q Can I put syrup in the fructose dispenser?
A We don’t recommend you to do so, but technically possible, please mind some syrup are with pulps, make sure they won’t jam the exit of syrup.
Q How many cups can a roll of sealing films seal ?
A Approx 3500 cups, it varies between types.
Q What to do if I don’t know how to operate the machines?
A You could check in advance before purchase, and they will come with operational manual.
Q What if the electricity or plug don’t fit the machines?
A We will provide machines which are compatible for your country, if you’re to connect them with other format of plugs, please inform in advance.
Q Can I only purchase machines or its parts?
A Yes
Q Do I have to use the smoothie blender to make smoothie?
A We recommend so, if you have your own blender, you could try to use it, but it may not be as good as ours.
Q What are the differences between muti-function blender and smoothie machine?
A The smoothie blender has stronger power, designed for making smoothie, the muti-function could make milk foam and extract tea besides smoothie, to remind that you may need extra container to make those.
Q Can the straws fit popping boba and pearl?
A Yes, make sure to choose the fat ones.
Q Do I have to change the fructose inside the dispenser daily?
A No, just to keep it full constantly, unless you won’t be using it for a while.
Q What if I want some models that didn’t show on your site?
A If you have the detailed info, we may try to reach for you.

Store related

Q What do I do if I don’t know how to make drinks?
A We have teaching courses, you’re welcomed to attend.
Q Do you charge for the classes?
A We’ll take deposit of US$1000, and to be used as balance.
Q I can’t go to Taiwan, can you send someone here?
A For now, there is no arrangement for this.
Q Do you have video for teaching?
A No, but you could check online for other courses.
Q Do I have to make drinks as your way?
A No, you could make it your own way.
Q Do you do kiosk design?
A No, but we have a partner to introduce.
Q Do you do flyer and menu art design?
A Better to find another company with profession.
Q What if I forgot something after return?
A You could re-visit us and have training again, or we could remind you via mail.
Q How many cups do you sell a day approximately in Taiwan?
A With a regular chain store, it’s about 300-350.
Q How much space do I need to have my shop ?
A Flagship store 25-35 ; roadside store 20 ; shopping mall 15-20 ; drink stand 5-10
Q Can I sell other stores with your products ?
A Yes, only to sell under your brands is fine.