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Everyone loves Taro and Sweet Potato Balls!!
It tastes chewy, can improve the mouthfeel to the next level by adding in drinks.
New Arrival-Fruit Can Series
Are you still worried about what fruits are suitable for drinks?
Flower Petal Can made its debut!
Chrysanthemums Petal and Cherry Blossoms Petal are preserved by sterilization.
Cherry Blossoms Syrup
The soul material of the pink drink is it!
Cherry Blossoms Toppings(Customized Products)
Creme Brulee Powder
Yogurt Flavor Cream Topping Powder
Walling Powder (Cake Milk Tea Powder)
Black Sesame Powder
Dalgona Coffee
Dalgona Coffee (Korean: 달고나 커피) or 400 times coffee is a coffee beverage made by instant coffee powder, sugar, and hot water.

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