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Tapioca ball also called tapioca boba, is the soul ingredient in pearl milk tea. The taste of chewy pearls makes milk tea more layered. Sunnysyrup provides different types of tapioca balls in various colors like black, white, and golden.

How to Make Delicious Tapioca Balls?

As a professional tapioca ball supplier, let us figure out how are the round and bright black bpba made.

  • Raw materials and ingredients: tapioca flour or sweet potato flour, water, sugar, flavorings, colorings, preservatives, etc.
  • How to make tapioca boba:
  1. Mix starch with water to form a dough. (To make colored natural pearls, you need to add natural color ingredients)
  2. Roll into the machine to make the powder into a round shape.
  3. Replenish water or tapioca flour as appropriate.
  4. Sprinkle tapioca flour to prevent sticking between each tapioca pearl.
  5. Boil for 30 minutes to 1 hour.
  6. Boil brown sugar or stir-fry with sugar to make sugar water.
  7. Add the sugar water to the pearls and mix well.

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