Welcome visit our website, whether you found us by the search engine or Alibaba, or someone introduced you here, you have our sincere appreciation and we hope you could find whatever you’re looking forward in our site. During your searching, if there is anything that interests you, please feel free to send out an inquiry, the pre-sales services are all free, our customer services will do their best to help you.

No matter you’re new to this business or have been in the industry for years, for you to have a clearer view of the process of purchasing, we developed a few simple steps as below:





Sample & Training




Order Arrangement




Customs Clearance


Services & Suggestions


Visit our Website

You could find our products at Product Overview, or use a search function to search for what you want.

Send Out an Inquiry

When you find the item that you’re interested in, you could check out its basic details by selecting the Product Category page, and then write an email to us to get the quotation: services@sunnysyrup.com

If this is your first time trying to run a bubble tea or snow ice business, you could discuss your plan with us, the more info you could provide, the better assistance we may arrange for you based on the info we have. Information that may help:

  1. Location and country of your stores
  2. Estimated opening schedule
  3. Budget range
  4. A single building or in a mall, drink stand
  5. Any experiences in food retailing or drink-making
  6. Any experiences of food-importing
  7. Other thoughts of your business
  8. Discussion with us via email

Base on the provided info, we will arrange the materials you may need, issue an invoice for review. Only the importing regulations vary from country to country, please make sure all the product specifications and documentation are compatible with the regulations of the destination country.

Arrange Export by Sea or Air

After the order has been settled, we could arrange shipping by our forwarding agents, all the way to the destination port or to consult if there is a service to send to your door directly with all taxes paid.

If you’re in Taiwan, we have a driver who could send your goods to your place in person, within Taipei areas, as long as your order value is more than $1500, then you have free shipping service.

Customs Clearance Process

After the goods arrive at the port, the port personnel will give you a call informing its arrival, as long as the goods fit the related regulations, you could pick them up.

Shop Opening

Take the goods to your warehouse, and eventually have the grand opening! While running the shop, you may encounter any problem, please don’t hesitate to report to us, so we could further study the cases and to improve our services.

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