There are often times that things happen unexpectedly. Should you be in a position where something is urgently needed, or there might be a very time-sensitive event, you deem that shipping them by sea, which is going to take weeks or even months, would for sure not make sense it. It is time that air shipping comes in handy.

Shipping by airplane so thus far, it may only take days to deliver the cargo from one place to another even across the continent. With some express carrier service, the cargo can be taken out of the airport and delivered to your home directly, yet make no mistake, the cargo may still be subject to customs inspection for shall comply with local laws. Surely this kind of speedy service does not come cheap, and the shipping cost would be pretty expensive; therefore, in the bubble tea industry, it is not often used as a common way of delivery.

  • Air Shipping cost estimation :
  • Asia : $7-9 per kg
  • EU : $9.5 – 12 per kg
  • USA : $9.5 – 12 per kg

The costs above would not include the local logistic, which is the main difference between air shipping and carrier deliveries. Although, international carriers such as FedEx, DHL or EMS postal office would offer a total-inclusive service from door to door, this delivery method is often applied to sample deliveries as the packages are often small and the client may be more willing to pay extra to save the hassle.

On the other hand, air shipping could only deliver the cargo to designated airports. The consignee would be required to start an import process and arrange the delivery from the airport to their warehouses. There may also be duties at the customs to be paid at that step. In general, the cost would be adequately cheaper compared with the express carrier’s fee for the total inclusive services, should you shipping with a larger cargo say more than 50kg or 100kg, this might be the optimal way to go, as air shipping does not come with a high fixed cost for terminal handling and truck, it is charged basically per kilo with minimal additional costs.

How one determines the logistic method depends on the urgency and cost. As the cargo for the bubble tea industry is often heavier, the cost for air shipping can be expensive. Therefore we may only suggest shipping items with great urgency this way or sending samples or a small number of products for an event.


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