The 2023 Food Taipei International Food Show, organized by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council, concluded successfully at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center from June 14th to 17th. This year's show was unprecedented, with 1,053 exhibitors participating and 2,488 booths set up, representing significant growth from last year. Of these, 382 overseas exhibitors from Asia, the Americas, Europe and Africa took part, with buyers and visitors covering 93 countries and regions globally, proving Food Taipei's international influence.

Amidst this wave of global procurement, SunnySyrup Food, a renowned Taiwanese supplier of bubble tea ingredients, showcased several top-selling products including bursting boba, QQ chewy tapioca balls and tea mixes. We discovered that many importers from Southeast Asia and the United States have a strong interest in Taiwanese leisure drink ingredients, with buyers from Japan, Malaysia and the Philippines placing particularly impressive orders. Through face-to-face communication, we gained valuable insights into different regional consumer preferences and discussed long-term partnerships with many promising distributors.

According to the organizer, Food Taipei 2023 attracted 46,539 visitors this year, representing 15% growth compared to 2021 and demonstrating the industry's robust development. On the last day, attendee traffic remained incessant and discussions at the SunnySyrup Food booth were vibrant, reflecting the continuously rising global demand for Taiwanese beverage ingredients. Looking ahead to the post-pandemic era, we expect countries to increase procurement of Taiwanese food ingredients steadily. SunnySyrup Food will continue enhancing product formulas while actively expanding global channels and establishing long-term partnerships with more overseas distributors to keep uncovering business opportunities within the bubble tea and snow ice market.

Food Taipei 2023 showcased the tremendous strength of Taiwan's food supply chain industry, also opening up new prospects for SunnySyrup Food's future growth. We are fully confident and excited that the 2024 show will again inject powerful momentum into Taiwan's food exports, co-creating an all-new landscape for the food industry!

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