How to Use:

The canned topping is easy to use, sealed in cans for preservation and only to open for using, most of them are to be refrigerated after opening.

*Reminder: contains allergen – peanut.

OEM package, private label available.

Boiled Sweet Barley

Product Description


The cans with barley which is precooked and well preserved for easy using, they normally go with mung bean to be served as mung bean barley sweet soup, a traditional dessert, and also good to go with snow ice and douhua.

Shelf Life:

Please keep in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight, this product can be stored for 2 years.



Process of Manufacture

  • 01.Raw materials weighing

  • 02.Washing

  • 03.Heating

  • 04.Filling cans and capped

  • 05.Steam autoclaving

  • 06.Cooling

  • 07.Storing

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