How to Use:

Microwave tapioca pearl is a frozen product with tapioca pearl frozen inside the sealed bag along with assorted flavors of syrup, you are only to heat it with hot water or microwave oven and defrost before serving, the mixed taste for pearls and the sweetness of syrup would create an amazing flavor for your drinks and to save many effort from cooking the traditional tapioca pearls.

Coffee Microwave Tapioca Pearl

Product Description


Coffee is a very similar taste to us, a mild sweetness comes with the familiar flavor makes one feels like home, as if you are taking a stroll bathing in the sunlight, one of your regular daily life.

Shelf Life:

Please keep in storage condition in -20℃with shelf life 1.5 years.


85g/90g/600g (Can be customized)

Process of Manufacture

  • 01.Mixing raw materials

  • 02.Granulation

  • 03.Mix with sugar syrup

  • 04.Packing

  • 05.Quality control

  • 06.Frozen storage

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