How to Use:

The canned topping is easy to use, sealed in cans for preservation and only to open for using.

Colorful Dressing Rice

Product Description


Colorful Dressing Rice has colorful colors and it is often used as decoration toppings or added to pastries, such as cakes, donuts or various types of ice products, etc. It is usually used as an element of top decoration to increase the beauty and value of the product.

Shelf Life:

Please keep in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight, this product can be stored for 1 year.



Process of Manufacture

  • 01.Mixing Coconut Pulp and Water

  • 02.Adding Other Ingredients

  • 03.Sterilizing With High Temperature

  • 04.Cooling Down

  • 05.Filling Bottles

  • 06.Storing

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