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High-Quality Peach Popping Boba Factory

Elevate a myriad of beverages, from fruit tea and sparkling water to smoothies and icy sweets. The versatility of peach popping boba makes it an ideal choice for diversifying your drink menu and captivating a broader customer base. Customers will appreciate the playful burst of flavor, creating a memorable and shareable moment that boosts social media engagement. As a reliable peach popping pearls supplier, we offer boba in various packaging options and OEM/ODM services to suit your business needs. For more flavors like strawberry popping pearls, please contact us at once.

Peach Popping Boba

Product Description


Irresistible Burst of Peach Flavor

These small, translucent bubbles are crafted through a meticulous process that infuses each boba with a burst of luscious peach flavor. Beyond flavor, Sunnysyrup's peach popping boba introduces a delightful texture to beverages. The burst-in-the-mouth sensation adds a layer of excitement, transforming an ordinary sip into an extraordinary moment.

Shelf Life:

Please keep in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight, peach popping pearls can be stored for one year.


3.4 kg * 4 cans / 2 kg * 4 cans / 1.6 kg * 8 cans  / 100g * 80 cans
(2 kg / 1.6 kg / 100g are customized specifications, only for exporting)

Regular Package Per Box:( Above x Below x H )

  • 100G: Above 8cm x Below:5.5cm x 3cm
  • 1.2KG: Above 17.5cm x Below:14.5cm x 6.5cm(stop selling)
  • 1.6KG: Above 17.5cm x Below:14.5cm x 9cm
  • 2KG: Above 17.5cm x Below:14.5cm x 12cm
  • 3.4KG: Above 17.5cm x Below:14.5cm x 17cm

Process of Manufacture

  • 01.Mixing all the ingredients

  • 02.Shape formation and filtering

  • 03.Filling bottles and packing into boxes

  • 04.Sterilizing with 100°c for 25 mins

  • 05.Metal Detecting

  • 06.Storing

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