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Top Whiskey Popping Boba Manufacturer

Whether you're looking to enhance the allure of cocktails, mocktails, or specialty beverages, whiskey popping boba offers endless possibilities. Its versatility allows you to elevate classics or create signature concoctions that set your establishment apart from the competition. The burst of whisky-infused flavor combined with the satisfying pop of each pearl elevates the drinking experience to new heights. Welcome to contact your reliable bursting boba manufacturer - Sunnysyrup!

Whisky Popping Boba

Product Description


Fusion of Tradition and Modernity

In today's competitive market, providing memorable experiences is paramount. whiskey popping boba is one of the most special flavors in Sunnysyrup. In essence, it's a fusion of tradition and modernity—a delightful burst of flavor encapsulated in a translucent tapioca pearl infused with the essence of fine whisky. With precision and a commitment to quality, we aim to provide you with the best quality of OEM/ODM whiskey popping boba.

Shelf Life:

Please keep in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight, whiskey popping boba can be stored for one year.


3.4 kg * 4 cans / 2.1 kg * 4 cans / 1.6 kg * 8 cans / 100g * 80 cans
(2.1 kg / 1.6 kg / 100g are customized specifications, only for exporting)

Food Certification:

Kosher/Halal Certification

Regular Package Per Box:( Above x Below x H )

  • 100G: Above 8cm x Below:5.5cm x 3cm
  • 1.2KG: Above 17.5cm x Below:14.5cm x 6.5cm(stop selling)
  • 1.6KG: Above 17.5cm x Below:14.5cm x 9cm
  • 2.1KG: Above 17.5cm x Below:14.5cm x 12cm
  • 3.4KG: Above 17.5cm x Below:14.5cm x 17cm

Process of Manufacture

  • 01.Mixing all the ingredients

  • 02.Shape formation and filtering

  • 03.Filling bottles and packing into boxes

  • 04.Sterilizing with 100°c for 25 mins

  • 05.Metal Detecting

  • 06.Storing

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